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Los verdes campos del Edén 2004

The work Los Verdes Campos del Edén (Eden's Green Fields) tells the story of a homeless man named Juan. Juan comes to a small village where he finds his grandfather's pantheon. As if he owned it, and the only place where he can put down roots, Juan uses his grandfather's pantheon as a residence. He has great conflict with the authorities and with the cemetery's head of security. One Christmas Eve, Juan invites some friends over whom he had met on the road. They all make a huge racket, and Juan ends up getting arrested by the police.

Actors: Carlos Romero, Eva Trancón, Gorgonio Edu, Jesús Hierónides, Joan Crosas, Marisol Ayuso, Mercedes Arbizu, Teresa Cortés, Tomás Sáez, Víctor Benedé


2004 - Los verdes campos del Edén (scene)

Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte