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Trotín Troteras 1962

Trotín Troteras was Antonio’s graduation piece from the Film School. A hugely successful short film, it won an award at the Paris Biennale. It runs for 16 minutes and the influence of its reference, Jacques Tati, is particularly obvious.

Trotín Troteras is a short film with heaps of humour. It tells the tale of a naive and innocent young man who, accompanied by two boys, dances and sings in the street without a care in the world. The peculiar music lends rhythm and liveliness to the story. Trotín Troteras was as simple as it was important in Antonio Mercero’s career, and was the first work in which he presented his cinematic approach, with neither dialogue nor complicated scripts.

Actors: Ángeles Nuevo, Francisco Chuliá, Juan Ramón de la Cuadra, Luisa Muñoz, Manuel de Blas, Manuel Galiana, María Elena Flores, Sergio Mendizabal

Length: 17 minutes



1962 - Signed photo of the film "Trotín Troteras"

Desconocido (Desconocido)

1962 - "Trotín troteras", photo of shooting

Desconocido (Desconocido)

1962 - Mercero filming "Trotín Troteras"

Desconocido (Desconocido)



Award at the Paris Art Biennial

Award at the Paris Art Biennial in 1965 for final degree Project Trotín, Troteras


1962 [?] - "Young film smiles"


1962-11-15 - On the film "Trotín Troteras"

Radio Cinema

1962-11-15 - On the film "Trotín Troteras" 2

Radio Cinema

1965-10-05 - "Another triumph for Spanish artists in Paris"