Antonio Mercero - Virtual museum

Antonio Mercero - Virtual museum

Fiesta 1968

The objective of the series Fiesta was to show the more human and social side of citizens by means of their traditional fiestas. Antonio Mercero said on more than one occasion that it was an “easy” work, and that thanks to the series he was able to discover different parts of Spain.

He filmed towns that were interesting for Spanish public television. The first was Mondoñedo, in Galicia, focussing the programme on its livestock market. The episode to create the greatest repercussion was that of Quesada: which was censured by Franco’s government for fifteen years due to depicting an “overly dark” image of Spain. Mercero himself explained more than once that this was due to the extreme Catholic tradition, the lack of resources and, generally, to the level of poverty existing in the town of Quesada.


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