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Planta cuarta 2002

The central theme of Planta cuarta is the everyday lives of four boys with cancer. The serious nature of their disease means that they must live in hospital. However, they use bravery, imagination and humour to pass away the hours in the orthopaedic surgery ward. Known as “Los Pelones”, they discover the importance of friendship and love, in a hard, dark story. Although Miguel Ángel, Izan, Dani and Jorge make up an extended group of friends, each one lives with his own fears, and turning their sights inwards will cause more than one misunderstanding between them. Their best tools for dealing with the situation are humour and solidarity.

Actors: Alejandro Zafra, Gorka Moreno, Juan José Ballesta, Luis Ángel Priego, Marco Martínez

Length: 100 minutes




Award for Best Director at the Montreal Film Festival

Award for Best Director at the Montreal Film Festival in 2003 for Planta 4ª.


2002-02-22 - "Antonio Mercero adds a healthy dose of humour to a childhood drama"

El País

2003-04-29 - Antonio Mercero: "For me, it was a moral obligation to do this film"


2003-09-02 - "Mercero scores a win in Montreal with his vision of childhood cancer"

La Vanguardia

2003-09-08 - "Antonio Mercero earns the award as best director at the Montreal festival"

La Vanguardia

2003-09-08 - "The people choose 'Cuarta planta' and the jury choose the director, Antonio Mercero"


2003-09-08 - "A wise choice"

Le Presse

2003-09-09 - "Antonio Mercero wins two awards in Montreal with 'Cuarta planta'"

Diario Vasco

2003-2004 [?] - Review by Pedro Piqueras: "Planta cuarta"


2004 - Antonio Mercero: "'La cuarta planta' is terrible and lovely"

Revista Interviú

2004-01-08 - Antonio Mercero: "Until now, mentioning cancer in film was taboo. But I thought it needed to be addressed clearly"

La Razón