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Turno de oficio 1985

This series produces a realistic image of the world of crime and justice in the Madrid of the 1980s. The protagonists are three duty lawyers of different ages. The series takes its name from the service providing free legal aid to people with no resources. Cosme (Juan Echanove) is a young man from a good family who is studying for exams to qualify as a notary public. One night he becomes entangled in a fight and ends up being arrested. In the magistrates court he meets Chepa (Juan Luis Galiardo), an older lawyer, who will ask him to leave his studies and become a lawyer.

Actors: Carmen Elías, Irene Gutíerrez Caba, Juan Echanove, Juan Luis Galiardo

Number of chapters: 17

Length: 55 minutes


1986 - Introduction to the TV series "Turno de Oficio"


Music by Alejandro Massó.

1986-10-07 - Episode 1: "El hijo del notario"


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1985 - Antonio Mercero with the cast of "Turno de oficio"

Desconocido (Desconocido)


1985 [?] - Juan Echanove, actor: "I prefer humour in life"


1985 [?] - "Cops and robbers"

El País

1986-10-12 - "By trade"

El Periódico

1986-10-14 - "Mercero's trade"

La Vanguardia

1987-05-25 - Advertising on RTVE: "RTVE presents: Turno de Oficio"