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Antonio Mercero - Virtual museum

Simposium para la paz 1970

This comedy programme looks at an international meeting on global peace.

The work enabled him to improve as a director and scriptwriter, also landing him a special mention at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. While the content was rather flippant, the music gave it a touch of humour and criticism towards the political situation.


1970 - "Simposium para la paz" filming

Desconocido (Desconocido)

1970 - "Simposium para la paz" teamwork

Desconocido (Desconocido)

1971 - Antonio Mercero filming "Simposium para la paz"

Desconocido (Desconocido)



UNDA special mention at the Monte Carlo International Film Festival


1970 - Trailer for broadcast of film "Simposium para la paz" in a newspaper (Noticia de Heras Lobato)

1970 - "Simposium para la paz" Monte Carlo International Festival

"Pueblo" egunkaria

1970 - "Antonio Mercero, humour and humanity" (Simposium para la paz)

1971 - Justy Bustamante interview with Antonio Mercero

1971 - News written by Alfonso Pozuela in the newspaper Nuevo Diario

Nuevo Diario