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La noche del licenciado 1979

A work with strong autobiographical overtones referring to the ability of the individual to decide their future freely and to the influence which family opinions and social pressure can have on that decision. Antonio Mercero also had to choose between being a lawyer or a filmmaker. Because although he studied law, he had absolutely no doubt that he wanted to work in film. Although this is a story set in a different socio-economic context, there are numerous similarities between the characters in the screenplay and in the director’s life.

The plot of the film starts in the home of the lead character. The whole family is gathered around a table, celebrating something. Over dinner they talk about their plans for the future: each one explains their projects, their challenges. The lead character announces that he wants to be a clown. Nobody takes him seriously and they all laugh at the idea. At the end of the film we see the lead character leaving the house with nothing but a suitcase and a clown’s red nose.

Actors: Ángel Picazo, Carmen de Lirio, Imanol Presa, Lola Herrera, Luisa Rodrigo, Manuel Huete, Miguel Ayones, Nadia Morales

Length: 73 minutes


1979 - La noche del licenciado




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